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After 10 years in software solutions, our expertise covers the following areas:​
Liferay CMS Development

Liferay CMS Development

We deliver cost-efficient bespoke portal solutions to help you accomplish your strategic targets. Liferay Portal, created for enterprise use, provides a virtual area where you can centralize, collaborate and share. User interface developed in Liferay Portal is built keeping end user in mind and even a technically ignorant user can understand it easily.

Magnolia CMS Development

Magnolia CMS Development

We develop websites through Magnolia, a java based CMS with advanced & seamless integration.Magnolia is a digital business platform with a CMS at its core. Stand out features includes its personalisation functionality and its ability to integrate with other systems. As experts in technology, contact Progos today for advice on the best CMS to meet your business requirements.

Custom Software Development

At Progos, we have a longstanding experience in delivering customer-focused and business oriented Java Development outsourcing services for small, medium and large organizations.

Our teams possess in-depth knowledge, technical know-how and we always delivered quality and scalable Java applications across diverse business domains.

 Our Story

Our Story

We are Progos, an independent software development company that has been translating challenges and opportunities into custom software products to answer business needs for over 10 years. We design, develop and deploy powerful robust software solutions that enable companies to offer more to their customers.

Founder & CEO

Győző Kolcza
Győző Kolcza
Senior Software Architect

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